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This is Life Unfiltered by Alexa Curtis

This is Life Unfiltered is a weekly podcast by blogger @alexa_curtis, on all things social media, mental health, & more! Alexa Curtis founded A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011, and has since made her site into a full-time lifestyle website for young adults. She also runs the nonprofit Media Impact and Navigation for Teens, a panel discussion in schools on social media and mental health. Read more about Alexa on and follow her on social media at @alexa_curtis.


Nov 13, 2019

Instagram wants to take away likes? Go for it. During episode 98, Alexa explains her personal opinion on why likes don't matter and how they never did, whether you're an Instagram-worthy brand or not. Plus, listen to her advice on how to take your brand off of Instagram and make more money IRL.

Nov 6, 2019

Actor & personality Owen Thiele joins Alix and I in West Hollywood to talk about the success of the YouTube show Eighty-Sixed and how he is bringing attention to activism and voting through his work. Follow his hilarious social media at @owenthiele.

Oct 30, 2019

Jennifer Cheon Garcia was born in Vancouver, Canada and is of Mexican, Korean heritage.  Her love for the spotlight was instilled at quite an early age, as she was skilled with a myriad of artistic talents including dance, theatre, music, visual arts, motion capture and acting. She currently stars as Ivory in the...

Oct 23, 2019

Colleen Broomall is the Co-Founder of YSBnow, a celebrity-driven digital platform that empowers and inspires young women with one resounding theme: You're So Beautiful Now. Not when they reach a certain number of Instagram followers, not when they get their braces off – but right now. From there, Colleen moved to the...

Oct 16, 2019

I sat down with one of business’s youngest SVP’s Arielle Patrick to discuss PR and expectation management in the digital age. Arielle and I met when I was living in NY and interning at Guest of a Guest, and our careers have since blossomed! Let's talk about purpose, getting uncomfortable to be comfortable and...