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This is Life Unfiltered - The Podcast

This is Life Unfiltered is a weekly podcast by blogger @alexa_curtis, on all things social media, sex, & more! Alexa Curtis founded A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011, and has since made her site into a full-time lifestyle website for young adults. She covers topics from social media and body image to sex and relationships. She also runs the nonprofit Media Impact and Navigation for Teens, a panel discussion in schools on social media and mental health. Read more about Alexa on and follow her on social media at @alexa_curtis.


Feb 14, 2018

5 years ago, the word paleo would have sounded like a word out of a science booklet. Fast forward to 2018, and gluten-free and paleo are as popular as Instagram. If you're not following a paleo diet, your friends and family have most likely already told you how much better you'll feel if you convert. Kaitlin Smith...

Feb 7, 2018

Danielle Robay is a force to be reckoned with. At the ripe age of 27, Danielle has already made her mark in the world of TV. She's an entertainment journalist, blogger, influencer, AND TV host: there's obviously not one career goal Danielle can't accomplish! Starting at Entertainment Tonight and CLEVVER TV, before...