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This is Life Unfiltered by Alexa Curtis

This is Life Unfiltered is a weekly podcast by blogger @alexa_curtis, on all things social media, mental health, & more! Alexa Curtis founded A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011, and has since made her site into a full-time lifestyle website for young adults. She also runs the nonprofit Media Impact and Navigation for Teens, a panel discussion in schools on social media and mental health. Read more about Alexa on and follow her on social media at @alexa_curtis.


Oct 10, 2018

Milan Costich isn't your typical entrepreneur. He founded Prevail Boxing in Los Angeles after working in the entertainment industry for years, working under some of the biggest talent agents in Hollywood. He woke up one day and realized he wanted more out of life that he wasn't getting from his 9-5 job, and that's when the journey of Prevail began. 7 years after launching and Prevail has become THE boxing studio in LA that all of your favorite Instagram models and celebs go to to break a sweat.